Wallmans Köpenhamn

The Circus Building on Axeltorv in the heart of Copenhagen is the oldest of its kind in Europe. This magnificent Circus Building was inaugurated with an enormous public celebration in Copenhagen on 8 May 1886. Since then, the building has played host to a wide variety of Danish and international circus troupes. From 2003 the spectacular Wallmans Dinnershow has been the Circus Building’s resident entertainment.

In 1884, Fritz Petersen, a master carpenter, purchased the site on Jernbanegade, next to Axeltorv, for DKK 954,000. The Circus Building was then built. It was designed by the architect H. V. Brinkopff, while the beautiful horse-racing frieze, which encircles the outside of the building, was created by the sculptor, Frederik Hammeleff.

At that time the Circus Building covered a much bigger site. It stretched right up to Studiestræde and was occupied by stable buildings, which housed all the different circus animals, including elephants, giraffes, and horses. Facing Axeltorv was the Artistcafé, a café, where guests could let their hair down during the intervals. The Artistcafé still exists today. Exactly as it was all those years ago, the café is a popular venue for visitors to the Circus Building and Wallmans prior to the start of the show.

URBAN NIGHTS kicks off with a totally exceptional act that will whisk you away on a cinematic journey through the streets and alleyways of Copenhagen. The song, ‘Come Alive’ from the musical film, The Greatest Showman will wake up the entire city – that goes for the Circus Building too!

Then comes one spectacular act after another like pearls on a string.

Look forward to an amazing tribute to one of today’s greatest singers, Adele, with magnificent interpretations of her biggest hits.

Later in the evening join us on a whistle-stop train journey, featuring a sexy, modern AC/DC medley. Let there be Rock!

Another of the show’s amazing treats is a modern interpretation of musical highlights from the world famous classic musical, West Side Story. This thrilling, innovative act is guaranteed to make an impression!